Trouble Watching Movies - Tech Support

If you are having difficulties viewing any movie on CryofTheSpririt read this and maybe it will help. 

There are several possibilities.

1. All movies on are Flash movies and you will need to have the FREE Flash player installed.  Approximately 96% of all web browsers have Flash installed.  Internet Explorer 4.0 and up came with Flash installed.

If you do not have the Flash player installed, click the link below and follow the instructions to download and install the free Flash Player:

Click here to install the FREE Flash Player Get Flash

CLICK HERE to test your browser for the Flash Player

2. Our server could be overloaded.  The movie is fairly large and we have the fastest server with the most bandwidth that we could buy.  The server will handle well over 10,000 people per hour viewing movies but in peak times the number of viewers could exceed that.  When that happens you may not be able to access  Simply try again a few minutes later, the jam-ups usually don’t last long and are most likely to occur between the hours of 7am and 10 am EST.

3. Your internet connection could be extremely slow, especially if you are on a dial-up connection.  If the movie is downloading and your connection breaks or if there is noise on your phone line, the movie could stop.  When on a dial-up, the movie could also stop as your computer waits for a slow dial-up connection to load the next scene.  Once the movie has fully downloaded, you can watch it again and it will play normally because it will play from your computer even though you click on the movie at

These three problems above are the cause of the vast majority of problems that you will have trying to view a movie.  The server is extremely fast and 99% have no problems.

Remember, just try again in a few minutes if it doesn’t work the first time.

If you are having trouble sending a movie link to friends
It is possible that the CryofTheSpirit web page may not be able to send to a particular domain or E-mail address because of Spam filters.  The web page sends a standard E-mail.

To send the link, simply copy the link and send it directly with your E-mail..
The link is in the form of

If the movie title is more than one word, the web link title may be shortened.  For example, "Today I Heard A Bird Sing" is

If the title is more than one word, simply right click on the movie button and select "copy shortcut."  That will place the web link on your clipboard.  Type "Shift" plus "Insert" to paste the shortcut in the E-mail or select "Edit" then "Paste."

Send the E-mail with the link and any description that you would like to send.


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