Frequently Asked Questions

If you have trouble playing a movie, CLICK HERE

Q: Can I use one of your movies on my site?
A: All of the movies on are copyrighted lyrics of MountainWings.
   You are welcome to use the movies on your site but they MUST be linked and play
   from The file locations will remain the same so you don’t have
   to worry about the web address of the file changing. You may also copy and use
   the button associated with each movie. You are authorized to use up to
   three movies on your site.

The movie web address is in the form:
You may simply RIGHT-CLICK on any movie button and select copy shortcut.
That will copy the exact web address of that movie to your clipboard and you can
simply paste that link on your site.

Q: Do you have CryofTheSpirit movies on VHS or DVD?
A: Yes, you can order a DVD, CD or VHS here.

Q: Can I get a copy of the original movie file?

A: No, we don’t release copies of the original files.

Q: Can you tell me what music is played with each movie?
A: Much of the time we don’t know. By necessity, we can only use a small music clip that must play over and over. This is to keep the file size reasonable. If we used a very large sound file, the movie would take an extremely long time to download over a dial-up connection which most people worldwide still have. Some music is from a subscription service that we pay for and we only get the music in a 20 second clip. The clip plays over and over during the movie and we don’t know the artist nor the composition title if it has one.
Other music comes from background music CD’s that we bought for this purpose but they are only about two minutes long and they have no title nor author either.
In instances where we know the music, click “Words” by the movie and the music if known will be listed at the bottom.

Q: Can I get copies of the pictures?
A: You can use a screen capture program to get the pictures or order the CD or DVD and capture them from the disk. Time is really rather short for us and the time involved to handle individual requests would be overwhelming.

Q: Who writes the movies?
A: Basically the same people who write MountainWings also write the CryofTheSpirit movies.

Q: Who designs the movies?
Shelli Barnes, a graphic artist in the editor of MountainWings company did most of the photo and music selection and all flash movie design for approximately half of the movies. The same was done for the other half of the movies by Carolyn and Andy Reid of designgraphics.orgCLICK HERE to see who designed which movies.

Q: Can I place a link to CryofTheSpirit on my web site?
A: Yes, CLICK HERE for the banners and buttons you can use.